Meet Sean

I have had the good fortune of living in Calgary for over 30 years and have benefited from all of the great things our beautiful and dynamic city has to offer. I have decided to run for City Council to represent the residents of Ward 6 because I want to contribute and give back to our neighbours, our community and our city. Calgary is a place where the values of community, diversity and hard work thrive and where we can all have opportunity to live and fulfill our hopes and dreams. 

The values and principles that I live by are grounded in the experiences that I have had in my life and now try to pass along as a proud father and husband. I had an older brother with severe disabilities whose life inspired and enriched our whole family.  He taught me the importance of connections, compassion, never giving up and always having hope.  This made me see a bigger picture and strive to live up to his example. It also made me aware of the many challenges folks who are aging and those with disabilities experience and how important relationships, community, transportation, and good health care are in our lives. 

I have had a number of career opportunities, starting out as a mixologist in my teens then managing two specialty liquor stores that focused on unique imports, micro brews, single malts and wonderful wines from all over the world.  This led to me becoming a Provincial Manager for one of the most highly respected and leading marketers of wines and spirits.  Marketing and managing continued to be a central part of my life while my wife and I owned two specialty food stores.  During that time I also had the opportunity to chair the National Marketing Council for the company.  The downturn in the economy affected us too and my entrepreneurial spirit needed to kick in!  

Currently I am working with individuals who have complex mental health disabilities and fulfilling my commitment to my community by volunteering in a wide variety of activities. 

I hope and look forward to meeting you and ask for your consideration and support as we create a new vision for Ward 6 and our amazing city.


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