On October 16, Elect Sean Yost in Ward 6

I have knocked on thousands of doors, put up lawn signs, met community members and have talked about Ward 6 issues that are important to you as well as other issues across Calgary.

Election Day is almost upon us and I am out making my final plea to voters to not split the vote. What I hear from voters and what I know from my own experiences is that our taxes have been rising at an unsustainable rate. Calgarians are demanding responsible fiscal management from their leaders. If you agree with me, please elect me as your Council representative.

These are my top priorities if I am fortunate enough to be elected, there are more details on the Platform page.

  1. Real consultation
  2. Fiscal responsibility
  3. Supporting small business
  4. A Transparent City Hall
  5. Safe Communities

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to answer any last minute questions that you may have to help you decide who to vote for.

Do you know where to vote? Click here if you need help.

Need a ride to your voting station? Call or email us at info@seanyost.ca or 403-879-4019


And, before its all over, thank you to my family for their support, all of my hardworking volunteers and all of the Ward 6 residents that have answered their doors to talk to me over the last few months.



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