I am running to be your representative on Calgary city council in Ward 6 because I am tired.

  • Tired of not being listened to.
  • Tired of  tax increases, on my house and my businesses.
  • Tired of watching council hide behind curtains for decisions that affect me and my family.

We all know we are going to have to pay taxes but we need to see value for what we're paying? Are our streets cleaner for the 50+% increase we have paid over the last seven years? 

Our city council has been hiding behind closed doors for too long. Calgarians have been demanding more  transparency from our leadership, and those voices have been ignored.

This is what I stand for:

1.  Real consultation means listening to our fellow Calgarians regarding the obstacles that are being faced. It seems that no matter the project - infrastructure, permitting, city services or planned development - our fellow Calgarians don't feel like they have a voice.

  • Why does it always feel like the decision has already been made? It is time to start listening to Calgarians. 
  • Define what consultation is and stop changing the rules in the middle of the process.
  • Council needs to direct Administration on clear communication, timelines and expectations.
  • Council needs to respect the voices that are heard, we cannot continue to ignore Calgarians on issues that they feel passionately about.
  • I will be open and available to you.


2. Fiscal Responsibility means being accountable for every dollar that the city collects and spends. 

  • No more tax increases, an over 60% increase over the last 7 years is too much.
  • No more unfunded spending promises.
  • Set short/medium/long-term priorities for the city.
  • Council needs to create clear reporting and accountability for city projects.
  • Spending funds now can have benefits for decades to come if its built right the first time. Quit the band-aid approach to projects.


3. Supporting small business - creation of an exciting business environment for those who want to create jobs and opportunities.

  • A 71% increase in taxes for the average city business over the last 7 years is a burden that inhibits growth of business.
  • Get Government out of the way! Reduce the red tape and regulatory burden that is stifling business in Calgary.
  • Ensure infrastructure building helps grow business opportunities.


4. A transparent city hall is overdue. 

  • One simple rule for in-camera sessions - it must deal only with negotiations for the purchase of properties by the city or staffing issues.


5. Safe communities means doing our best to provide the our fellow Calgarians with the confidence and knowledge that our city is truly doing everything it can to ensure safety. 

  • More cops in communities.
  • Appropriate community lighting.
  • Policing that is accountable and affordable. 
  • Continue to consult with people and communities to look for solutions that make our city safer without invading privacy.


Calgary Next/Flames arena

The new arena has obviously become a hot button issue over the last few weeks.

What I have been hearing at the doors over the last few months is that almost everyone wants to see a new arena but they do not necessarily want the taxpayers to foot the bill.

I hear about half do not want any tax dollars go to the new arena. The other half are willing to spend some money but want to see a return on that investment. 

One thing I hear a lot is people saying that if they can’t afford the games and concerts, they don’t want to be on the hook paying for other people to go to the new facility.

But I think there are more innovative solutions. I would like to go back to the table to see if there are other options including bringing in more corporate money from sources other than the Flames owners. I also do not want us to forget that Calgary also needs to upgrade or replace McMahon stadium and we need to look at that.

We need to take a fresh look. I will do that.


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