I supported Richard in 2010 and in 2017, we should send Sean to City Hall.

Joe Connelly, former Councillor, Ward 6


I have known Sean for 15 years, and I have been encouraging him to run for Council ever since I was fortunate enough to be elected. He's a proven businessman that fully understands...I've witnessed his interaction with people and he's a man that knows how to listen, overall he's the kind of person that I KNOW will be an exemplary councillor that will not only listen to his constituents but will represent them and their tax dollars to the best of his ability.

Peter Demong, Councillor, Ward 14


I have known Sean since 2012 and I can honestly say that I have never met a more honest, hard-working, loyal, reliable, and trustworthy person in my life. Sean has been my mentor, a father figure, and a true friend. I have Sean to thank for guiding me and helping me realize my full potential. Sean is the type of person that goes out of his way to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s volunteering at community events or helping out an old friend with some house work, Sean is always the first to jump in and help out. Sean is truly a kind hearted person whose sole purpose in life is to help others. When Sean puts his mind to something, nothing can stand in his way. His passion and his commitment to his obligations motivate Sean to always go above and beyond what is expected of him. This is exhibited through his many successes. Sean has a positive and humble approach to life that I strive to emulate. He is relied upon among all who are lucky enough to call him a friend and is respected by all that know him. Sean has dedicated his life to serving others and has never expected anything in return. I am honoured to call him a friend and deeply grateful for all he has taught me.

Greg Smith     


Sean's support of the Alberta Wish Ride, through his time and generosity, helped us look after our participants and volunteers and contributed to the tremendous success of the event which supported the Children's Wish Foundation.

Irene White and Roger Matas


The Alberta Wish Ride.


I have had the pleasure of getting to know Sean over the past 10 years. As a businessman in the community he was a sponsor for the Annual Life Without Limits Challenge event for the Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta. Sean would provide all the food and BBQ, to provide the lunch for all of the participants, which were made up of individuals with disabilities and their families in the community. Each year Sean would always agree to do this without hesitation and became a regular face at all our events. His passion and commitment to the community is very evident as Sean has not only volunteered at numerous CPAA events over the years, but also donates his time to other organization and causes. I truly value the support that Sean has given to the disability community and in particular, the Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta. I wish Sean all the success in his new endeavor.

Joanne Dorn

Director of Development & Public Relations

Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta


I’m proud to call Sean Yost my friend of 12 years and counting. Our friendship is strong as Sean shares many values that are important to me: family, respect, trust, authentic, caring just to name a few. I can always count on Sean to be there for me. He has a genuine interest for people and will always make time to listen and support when & where he can. I’m proud of all that Sean has accomplished and I look forward to a lifelong friendship.

Mario Goncalves


To handle the worse kind of tragedy with honor and grace, to stand in the most uncomfortable space for another, not because you must but by choice, and to offer a wise path of acceptance in the harsh light of devastation takes immense inner strength and Sean Yost possesses it. I know because he was that and more to my family and I during our darkest hour. My husband passed last spring of Pancreatic cancer. A year prior he collapsed in our home from an internal hemorrhage and was within minutes of losing his life. If he were here, he would say I saved him that day, but in the aftermath of our tragedy it was Sean and his lovely wife Michelle who stepped forward, shielded our six-year-old daughter, and became trusted confidants during the worse news of our lives and many days thereafter. Sean was with me when the doctors revealed my husband’s condition, and he was in hospital at my husband’s side shortly before he passed a year later. Along the way, he walked beside us, a comfort and companion who did not shirk at the ugliness of my husband’s illness or the sorrow we carried. He never attempted to sugar coat the truth, which would’ve been easier. Instead, he remained honest and compassionate somehow clearing a path to acceptance. He carried the pain with us, quietly offering guidance and reassurance and to this day, if I try to thank him for all he did, he will say what he does to everyone whose lives he has touched, “I did nothing.” I know my husband, Gregory, would be elated to see how his friends and colleagues have rallied to support Sean. They all know what he really did for us and who he is.

When selecting a representative, whether for community, city, province or country, there are always qualities and traits that typify someone well suited to lead. When decisions affecting many are made it is expected that those making them would be well informed, grounded in their knowledge, and balanced in their views. Sean Yost is such a person, but he is far more then just an intelligent decision maker or a well informed voice for the masses. As his neighbor for the last decade and a half I have firsthand knowledge of his care for the community and those in it, his seemingly tireless commitment to volunteer whenever called upon and when not called upon, and his wise interest in weighing all areas of an issue without quick or biased judgment. He can be trusted to listen intently to concerns of another and see between those and the broader perspective. As an author I interview and meet thousands of amazing people, those of Sean’s caliber are rare. Our city would benefit vastly having him in office now and for years to come. He is well able, worthy of our trust and support, and he has mine.

Jennifer Varricchio 


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